Fairy tales by h.c. andersen, a collection of stories, features work pulled from Andersen’s 156 fairy tales existing across nine volumes. Andersen’s tales explore the hardship of life while championing resilience in the face of adversity.

This rendition of Andersen’s tales celebrates the whimsy of the genre and the haunting tales that have become embedded in western culture. Included in this book are seven stories: The Little Mermaid, Little Thumbelina, the Dumb Book, The Fir Tree, The Little Match Seller, The Brave Tin Soldier, and The Elf of the Rose.

Each chosen typeface/font interacts and compliments the overall classic and whimsical theme, bringing variety to each page. Berkshire Swash playfully introduces each story, designed by Astigmatic. Essay Text elegantly dances across the running body of this book, designed by Ellmer Stefan. The cover is introduced with Mogan and its beautiful curves, designed by Tobias Saul. Italic Allegraya and her sister small caps accompany the title and grace each page in the header.

Each story is introduced and concluded with an illustration that highlights an important part of the story. This collection of stories includes 14 unique illustrations designed by Lisa Cox.

This book was independently published by KDP publishers and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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