During my time at MacEwan University, I worked as a research assistant for the research project “Life on the Edge” (LOTE), a student and staff created video game that teaches biology. I collaborated with the Design Programs chair, biology professors, instructors, and fellow students to enhance the game’s interface and implement new features. My responsibilities included wire-frames, prototyping, organizing design sprints, making presentations, conducting supportive research, documenting research processes, game testing, and assisting in the creation of the alternative resource on online learning platform.
• Design Sprints
• Literature Review
• Data Collection
• Comparative Analysis
• Develop a new UI feature that supports student needs to learn tips for playing LOTE
• Update the Game HUD to give the student more information on game features
• Create an interactive and collaborative space for student to share tips
• Implement a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition amongst students
• Improve overall user experience to reduce frustration and support learning objectives
In collaboration with Computer Science student we designed and implemented the following user interface updates to support student learning outcomes and improve user experience. 
• Leaderboards
• Tips Library
• Help & Learn Menu
• HUD Hover states
• Steam Community Channel for student discussions
• Death screen with option to replay prior levels
• Death screen tips
This research project is part of ongoing grant funded research between MacEwan University and Concordia University (Montreal) in collaboration with Ross Shaw, Isabelle Sperano, Robert Andruchow, and Ji Yae Bong.
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