Project Brief 
Migraine Alert is a wearable device created to assist individuals with migraines. The goal was to create an inclusive product that would benefit as many people as possible. The Migraine Alert concept includes environmental alerts for light and noise, pattern tracking of triggers, and a migraine assist feature with options for getting assistance during a migraine attack.

• User Interviews
• Literature Review

•  Assist Migraine sufferers in managing their Migraines
•  Track and recognize environmental data to predict migraine triggers
•  Connect user to assistance from emergency contacts during attack


Environmental Alerts: Wearable will alert user environment may trigger migraine 
• Light Alert (brightness level, directional light, light quality/frequency)
• Noise Alert (db level)
• Barometric Pressure Alert 
Pattern Tracking: AI learning tracks vitals to identify Migraine patterns
• Heart rate/ Heart beat patterns (EKG sensors)
• Temperature (EDA sensors)
• Stress Level (EDA sensors)
• Respiratory rate(Br)1 / Oxygen Saturation(Sp02)
• Blood pressure(EDA sensors)
• Sleep Quality/Length

Migraine Assist: Button for Aura Situation: giving directions or options to help you get home safely if away from home (phone a caregiver or loved one, call a cab etc.)
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