Video walkthrough of pixel perfect prototype.

Project Brief
Create a new feature for the existing Spotify app that aligns with the brand and solves a user pain point.
Research Methods
• Sketch noting
• User Interviews
• Literature Review
Problems Identified
• Users want to unwind and de-stress using Spotify.
• Not all genres of sound fit into music/podcasts.
• Users need more options for separation and categorization.
• Improve user-algorithm relationship.
• Seamlessly integrate the feature into the app.
• Create separation and differentiation between listening modes
• Use micro-animations to enhance the feature.
• Expand Spotify's user base with the new feature.
• Spotify Downtime provides a hub for all non-music listening such as ASMR, ambient sound, and white noise.
• The Downtime feature allows for separate user algorithms allowing for catered recommendations.
• Addition of sleep times, alarms, and repeat functions support user listening habits.
• Seamless integration of Downtime feature into existing Spotify app
This project was developed in a UX/UI Design Class at MacEwan University's Bachelor of Design Program, under the guidance of Alexander Stewart.
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