Troop is a full service recurring monthly giveback program that works with small to midsize business to engage their staff through social giving on a consistent basis. Each month employees receive an email directly from Troop to vote on one of three charitable needs they would like to see fulfilled. Once the votes are in the Troop team fulfills the needs on the companies behalf handling communication, procurement, delivery, and donation. Once the need has been fulfilled Troop compiles an impact report to share the tangible impact the company contributions that were made possible by employee action.
Troop participated in the DMZ incubator and one of their designers helped Troop with a Re-Brand for their home page. They then asked me to build out the rest of the website pages using the new brand guidelines. 
• Design new pages for the Troop website that follow Home page styles
• Collaborate with copywriters, marketing, & development team
• Unify the whole website to have a consistent brand
I was responsible for the design of the following pages:
• Services, For Businesses, Integrations
• Resources, Social Impact Guide, Newsletter
• Needs
• About
Website Video Walkthrough
Process Work
Pixel Perfect Mockups
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